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5 activities you can enjoy here

Added: Nov 28, 2018
Category: Travel tips

If we know one thing for sure, it is that vacations in Miami are amazing. Now, what if we could make them a little more fun than usual. In fact, enjoying the beach and its activities are part of having the perfect vacation in Miami. So, in this article, we put together a list of 5 activities that you could do right where you are staying at, if you stay with us of course. These activities indeed can be done at the marina right under our beautiful building, we promise no transportation needed, just put on your swim suit and there you go.

Jet Boat ride for our adrenaline junkies

Be ready for a 30 minutes ride of your life that includes high speed, spins, Miami superstar mansions, and a bit of getting wet. The ride will start sea isle marina. Then head to san Marco island where you will begin to see the houses of some of the wealthiest individuals in Miami. 

Jet Ski rentals

Enjoy a 30 minutes or hour ride on a jet ski around the bay area

Banana ride

Believe it, it is as fun as the name sounds. 20 minutes on the banana boat going around the bay. Be ready, you whole family can enjoy a ride of a lifetime and kids over 10-year-old can also participate. 

Flyboard/ Jet pack

This is where the Adrenaline rush increases. Here you can swim like a dolphin and fly like a bird, literally. Enjoy this new and exciting activity with the help of certified trainers. The price would include training and landing on and in water, and then flying by yourself.

Pontoon Boats

Now here is where it gets interesting for guests in search of a long 2 to 4-hour boat ride. Bring 5 to 6 people with you and enjoy a private tour on a private Pontoon Boat. The price will include the gas and the captain.


Special Selection: Private charter yacht


Cruise around Miami in a private Yacht with your own captain. The boats can take up to 13 guests, and include a crew, ice, water, and a complementary bottle of Champaign for every 6 people. Believe it, it you wanted a taste of the Miami good life, this is the perfect one for you and your friends. You can bring food, drinks, as well as decorations for special occasion.


All reservations can be made through us if you are staying in one of our condos. Please note that some of these activities are subject to weight requirements, age restrictions, and deposits.




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