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What to expect in Miami this 2019

Added: Feb 06, 2019
Category: News

If 2018 was a good year for you, best believe 2019 will be even better. For those who have been to Miami at least once in their lifetime, you might think you know what to expect but the funny part about Miami is that we always do it differently. If you have never been here, well buckle up and get ready for a new pleasant, exciting, and amazing adventure.

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5 activities you can enjoy here

Added: Nov 28, 2018
Category: Travel tips

If we know one thing for sure, it is that vacations in Miami are amazing. Now, what if we could make them a little more fun than usual. In fact, enjoying the beach and its activities are part of having the perfect vacation in Miami. So, in this article, we put together a list of 5 activities that you could do right where you are staying at, if you stay with us of course. These activities indeed can be done at the marina right under our beautiful building, we promise no tra...

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Hottest beaches Near Miami – You should try them

Added: Nov 27, 2018
Category: Travel tips


Miami is most famous for its breathtakingly beautiful beaches. As a vacationer however, finding the place of your dreams isn't always easy, which is why we made this list of the best beaches near Miami: just for you.   

South Pointe -A safe haven at the southern...

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A Miami Vacation By the bay

Added: Nov 19, 2018
Category: Vacation Condos

The most important time of the year is close, and families are looking for a place to stay. In fact, this time of the year is when families come together as one and celebrate. Some people like the snowy white Christmas Vacation while other, who have lived in a cold winter for quite some time are looking to have a sunny Christmas. What other sunny place to c...

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