How to party in Miami like a V.I.P with a $60 dollars Budget

Miami is well known for its beautiful art deco architecture, its vibrant cultural scene and the most memorable nights out.

The best thing about these nights out. Is that you don’t have to spend too much to be treated like a V.I.P. Here is how we get exclusive access and limousine rides to the top night clubs in Miami without spending a lot.

  • Get the hookup

Get in touch with some of the best party promoters in town who will introduce you to their exclusive packages. With about $30 dollars, they can provide you with a wristband that will  get you access to one of the top lounges in the city. There you can drink all night without spending anymore money. After the lounge pre-drink party, you will be transported into a limousine to whichever club is good on that night. The best part is you won’t have to pay for cover charge, and you won’t have to do the line. They can get you in quickly with their V.I.P access. There you are you can enjoy your night out with your friends or by yourself.

  • Don’t spend much on transportation

We are very fortunate to be located between the beach and downtown. When you stay with us, you will only spend about $5 to $7 to get to south beach. As you can see, you still have some remaining budget. Get yourself a sandwich or a slice of pizza after the club. It was well deserved.

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