3 Top things to look for when booking a vacation rental

Staying in a vacation rental feels like the next big thing; Although, booking one is not as easy as it may seem. A little bit over a year ago, we took over the management at the Global Grand in downtown Miami.

We’ve seen lots of travelers, asked lots of questions, and today, we are able to come up with our top three things to do and look for to make sure you spend the vacation of your dreams.

1.Booking at the right time

According to our Homeaway data received over the past years, booking your vacation rental 4 to 6 weeks in advance can improve the quality of inventory. In fact, most people spend too much time in the decision-making process and end up booking their rooms late enough to not take advantage of all the availabilities we offer them. The longer you wait, the less option you get.

2. Look for the right location

We are very fortunate to be located right in the heart of the action with panoramic views of displays over both Downtown and Miami Beach. This type of location is very important for guests coming to town for either business or leisure. As an added value, guests who are not familiar with the area won’t have to drive miles every time they need something from groceries to dentist since our building has anything and everything they could ever need when traveling.

3. Look for comfort

Like most people, we love to be comfortable and we assume you do too. Being able to feel like home even when traveling allows you to open up to a new perspective, a new point of view. Finding a place that can allow you to have the luxury of a hotel and the comfort of a home is essential.

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